Sunday, September 22, 2019

FOREST FALLS - Going ONCE! Going TWICE! ... make your bid before it's SOLD!

Make your auction bid on this piece "Forest Falls" 

I've been painting autumn scenes lately since it is the season and frankly, the colours are downright dazzling. One can almost hear the leaves and the trees chattering about how gorgeous they all look. I wonder if the leaves are saying goodbye to one another and wishing all a good winter before spring arrives? Just because we don't understand the language of the forest doesn't mean that it doesn't converse. I have always found forest life very interesting, right from a pine cone lying on a mottled path to the tip of tall tree reaching for the heavens above.

There's something spiritual and magical about trees, bushes and brambles and the creatures that inhabit this environment. Also, a tumbling waterfall, a babbling brook or a lapping wave can be an aphrodisiac for the soul.

I've been selling similar 12"x16" acrylic paintings for $25. online but thought for a change and like autumn, spice it up a little, have put this one up for bids via my own personal auction, the starting bid being $25., so on that note, "Who'll give me twenty, twenty-five dollars for this original Len Sherman do know that he's an old man and that art doubles it worth when the old codger pops off - man - it would be worth a whole 50 bucks then! How about you sir, yes you, the one scratching his ear in the back row or you mam...yes dear...are you making a bid or just powdering your nose?" 

It's tough working the crowd, time to take a break...cheers, eh!

NOTE: Please follow THIS link to the original post and make your bid! This auction will run until 9AM Atlantic time on Tuesday, September 24, 2019. Please post YOUR bid on THIS link to make your bid! Good luck! (Please note FINAL bid does not include shipping - $20 within Canada and locally Woodstock area, can be arranged for FREE!) 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

THE COAST ROCKS - Painting No.5

             This is the 5th painting in I don't know how long a series.  Could be a long time since I find Nature anything but boring and I like the idea of painting canvases that are affordable to most people.
       Hey man...what can I say for a title...east coast, west coast...The Coast Rocks. Like myself sometimes, feeling battered and defeated, the sea hits the rocks and then slides back, not defeated but to strike again, again and again. I don't know for everyone, but their is a lulling sound to the sea. When I was out in the middle of the Northern Pacific aboard a small sailboat, out of sight of land and the sea was rising and falling asleep, I almost felt like I was asleep on my mother's chest when I was a toddler. This 12"16" original painting is FOR SALE - Only 25 bucks, plus about 10 bucks for shipping.
          Hope you enjoy the painting as much as I did splashing the paint around...cheers, eh! 


The Beatles Crossing Abbey Road
          From out of nowhere, we were once again flying Eagle-Express. Beneath us, Ireland became a green blur and as we flew across the Irish Sea towards England, my mind was drifting towards the past and one of the places I would really like to visit. And then, as if an enormous eagle wasn't out of place, it gently set our Hippie Hangout down on Abbey Road. And, as if this wasn't a groovy mind-blow in itself, as I looked through the truck's windshield, I could scarce believe my eyes, John, Ringo, Paul and George were crossing the street right in front of us. I looked at Daisy and she looked at me as I said, "Is it just my imagination or do you see what I see?"
         "If you're watching the Beatles crossing Abbey Road like on their album cover, then I guess we are both seeing the same thing."
         And then, as if the impossible were happening, in disbelief I watched as they gathered on the corner and then came over to the Hippie Hangout, Paul asking, "Man, is your caravan ever cool. Do you mind if we take a peek inside?"
          This can't be happening, this must be a magic mushroom experience and to be sure, I gave myself a pinch. "Ow!" Nope, it was a happening. Paul McCartney was actually talking to us.
          Daisy was beside herself as we all settled around our little table inside the trailer, George, the last to be seated. Their bigger than life presence was overwhelming and I was completely gob-smacked as was Daisy. The meeting of the then and now was really a mind-blow especially when John said, "I see by the license plates that you're from Canada, which is very cool. But what I don't understand is that the year is 2019 and this is 1969; 50 years difference."
              I was at a loss for words and so was Daisy, which was highly unusual for her because she always has something to say. Finally, to break the silence and not really wanting to say we were from the future, I mean, I didn't really want to tell him about his death or George's either so I uttered, "Hmm...what can I tell you. We're on a trip and boy are we ever trippin'!" To quickly change the subject or perhaps turn it in another direction I added, "Daisy, I bet the boys (because in real life, I'm actually an old man) would love some of your brownies."
           But John wouldn't let it go and said, "You guys look the part for 1969 but something just doesn't seem right." As he chewed his brownie and continued looking at us strangely he added, "Especially the truck."
          George, perhaps tuning into my apprehension suddenly spoke up and said, "Let it be."
          And then Ringo spoke up, "Yeah man. Let it be."
          To which Paul piped up, "Yeah. Hey man, hang loose. Let it be."
          (Now, I realize a lot of people who are reading this blog most likely think that it's all fake, just a figment of my imagination colliding with the reality of my realities but hey, would I kid you?")
           I'm not sure if the Beatles realized that Abbey Road was their last album together or not and I'm sure many chemical-assisted arguments have wondered that too. However, what I do know is that John Lennon's final remark is remarkable when he said, "Let it be, that's a great title for the next album", which was the last album they released.
          History was being made or should I say being performed in our little trailer as soon as Ringo started tapping a drum beat on the table followed by Paul singing, "Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be Whisper words of wisdom, let it be..." 
           I don't know if it was Daisy's brownies or the fat doobie we passed around the table but before I knew it, poof!...cheers, eh!  

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


          My paint brushes are certainly getting a work out lately - finished another painting. Having sailed and lived on a sailboat for about 25 years, the sea still holds a fascination for my soul. There's nothing like a setting sun, the lap of waves and the cries of gulls to tug at my heart strings. This painting could be anywhere on the island infested coast of BC where I used to live; brings joy to my eyes. COASTAL ODYSSEY - only 25 bucks plus shipping (about 10 bucks) depending on the location for this one of a kind, original 12"x16" painting by yours truly...cheers, eh! 

Monday, September 2, 2019


          I've started a series of Nature paintings. This 12"x16" original acrylic painting on canvas is titled The Sentinel and is painting No. 3. Rather than spend so much time on painting larger paintings with loads of detail, which I have to sell for a lot more money, I thought I'd try painting in a loser style. The painting of The Sentinel has been continued onto the edge of the canvas so no frame is needed, just hang it on the wall. The cost of this painting is $25. plus shipping (about $10.) unless you live nearby or in Woodstock, NB.


          One of the reasons my wife and I went to Nanaimo recently was to renew our wedding vows as Trip 'n Daisy. We sort of did it hippie-style - love and peace and all that sort of stuff. The vows were to take place before everyone chowed down. Unfortunately, while I was talking to a woman, my energy level dropped dramatically and we had to postpone the ceremony - I most likely would have collapsed otherwise. A couple of hours later, after stretching out, I was able to carry on. I noticed as I was down on one knee with a silver daisy ring in my hand asking her to remarry me, promising my continuation of undying love, a nearby group were in tears. Although, still feeling somewhat weak, I was able to stand and listen to Daisy's wonderful words and I have to say, I really love this woman - am not sure that I would still be above ground if it were not for her. 
          Our exchange of vows was held at the German Hall and on the walls were several paintings that I had painted for a German restaurant years ago in Ladysmith. Each 4'x6' painting was situated at a booth and took about a week to paint. I really enjoyed painting there because besides getting paid for the work, the owner was a wonderful cook. She fed me wiener-schnitzel and other tasty dishes, accompanied by mugs of beer - talk about great perks! I heard that when she later sold the restaurant to an Italian, he began painting over some of the pictures and I can understand that. However, when the waitress told him they just popped out of the moldings, he sold them all to her and she in turn sold them to the German Hall. So besides holding our hippie ceremony at the hall, it was great to see the paintings again.
          It's highly unlikely I will ever renew our wedding vows again or ever paint about dozen paintings for a restaurant, but one thing I know - I'll still keep on painting and will love my Daisy till I take my last breath...cheers, eh!   

Sunday, September 1, 2019

POOP OR NOT TO POOP - that is the question

          When I woke up this morning, rubbed the sleep from my eyes, crawled out of bed and then pulled the curtains open and looked outside, although the sky was a vivid blue and the sun was shining brightly, I could tell it was going to be one of those days when most likely, I should have just pulled the covers up over my head and drifted back to the turmoil within my troubled dreams.
          These days, I feel like I have an anchor around my neck keeping me down and although I'm still above ground, I feel older than water and fart bubbles, big gooey bubbles. I'm surprised that when I look behind me, like a giant snail, I haven't left a trail of slime. Now you might think I'm making this up, crapping slime, but it's true. Not sure why this is happening, perhaps I'm not feeling well or it's possibly stress related because living on the precarious edge of life with little or no future ahead is more than a little intimidating, I can tell you. Also, going to sleep, wondering if I'll wake up in the morning is occasionally on my mind. However, I have to admit, despite not having a normal arse-hole and normal poops, some of my droppings are very creative, even an art form if I may be so bold.
          I don't know how many people document their odorous,  stinky, pinch your nose tight, piles of crap but I do. It's too bad shit isn't money because it's not uncommon for me to make several very large deposits a day. However, all my deposits are not large, sometimes I'll blast out a pellet about the size of the end of my thumb and am often surprised I haven't blown a hole in the toilet or cracked the porcelain throne - believe me - I'm the king of shit! Other times, like a couple of days ago, if I'd been standing up, the length of the coil circling my grunting body would have mummified me, which would be great if I was an Egyptian Pharaoh about to be sealed in a pyramid. And that my friends is an ongoing problem. Since I don't really have a proper rectum, my plumbing consisting of a drain only, when my intestines start emptying, they sometimes don't stop until there is nothing left inside me - hence, shortly after, the clear slime appears, which oddly enough has no odor - trust me, I've held it a whisker away from my nose for closer observation and sniffed its magnificence - ewww.
            Besides documenting my repugnant, smelly deposits on a daily bases, trying to find a pattern for some sort of normalcy in that department, I've been hoping to solve this ongoing problem so that I can plan for occasions, which are necessary for me to attend. Take for instance my recent flights to and from Nanaimo. If I could somehow come up with a remedy for that particular time, which would make them slime days, there wouldn't be enough coming out of me to fill my diaper. Luckily for me, the flights didn't happen to be a clear-out-my-intestines-days, which could have been a huge problem. Imagine me gritting my teeth, squirming about in my seat, my body racked with painful cramps while trying to clench the cheeks of my ass tightly, knowing that in the end it's a futile endeavour.  Like a long skinny snake it begins uncoiling, at first filling the diaper and then up my back, peering over my seat staring at the passenger sitting directly behind me who is quivering in shock and screaming hysterically for the stewardess to bring him an antidote for an oncoming cobra strike. Before long, all the terrified passengers are yelling for parachutes to abandon the plane, as my giant anaconda, which is more enormous than its Amazon cousin begins slithering down the aisle. You may be chuckling as you read these words but I received calls from people who wanted to know which flights I'd be on. But enough about crap, who wants to read about crap and then again, crap is the circle of life...cheers, eh!