Sunday, March 25, 2018

Thought I'd start a blog...and a contest!

          I'm an old guy now. I sometimes don't feel like it but when I look in the mirror and see this guy with long white hair, mustache and so many wrinkles, which I gave up counting, it puts everything into perspective. Also, I'm in a fair amount of pain these days and with an upcoming operation, which will be life altering to a certain degree, I'm definitely feeling old. But don't get me wrong, I have a lot of friends and relatives lookin' up at the daises and I'm still lookin' forward to the future, no matter how long or how short it may be.  I've always been a rather physical person but as of late, I'm more of a sit-in-a-chair kind of a guy. Fortunately, since I'm an artist of sorts, I am still able to paint, which helps keep my mind from lingering on what's coming up. 
         My latest painting, which I just finished yesterday has been a hit on Facebook, many people giving me great complements and titles. The painting of the orca (killer whale) leaping from the depths in the moonlight has yet to have a title selected. The original acrylic painting is 12"x16" and is for sale. Plus there will be giclee (stretched canvas archival ink print) available for $65.00. However, you can WIN this beautiful giclee (free shipping) total value approx. $85.00 by submitting your title to our Etsy store via the  contact button on our Etsy page. It's not necessary to purchase anything and an Etsy coupon for this prize, will be available to the winner. If the contest goes anything like the last one, where so many of the titles were so good it was impossible to select the best title, we will have a live draw on Facebook of the 5 best entries. All entries must be in before April 30th when contest ends.

**NOTE** you may have already mentioned or submitted a name idea - but only entries via the Etsy page will be considered for the purpose of this contest. So head on over, hit contact on our Etsy page and send in your ideas! YOU could be the new owner of this beautiful giclee!

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